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From ground breaking touring productions to large scale public art events to immersive festival environments, Beama Visual Environments has been captivating audiences all across North America. We know how to create a visual spectacle, providing powerful, dynamic platforms for unforgettable production experience.

Beama Visuals at Red Rocks with Alice In Wonderland.
Beama Visuals at Red Rocks with Alice In Wonderland.


All great achievements begin with intelligent planning and effective management. At Beama, our team of production professionals are dedicated to providing reliable, quality consultation and project management to ensure the successful execution of your event. We are able to offer in-depth budget consultation, facilitate venue selection and preparation, plan transportation and logistics solutions, and address the creative & technical requirements of almost any scale video production. Our project managers have extensive experience in the field, and are constantly learning and adapting to the ever-changing trends and technologies in the industry, ensuring the best combination of proven experience and fresh ideas. With Beama Visuals, you can count on innovative solutions, technical expertise and dependable support, delivered on schedule and within budget every time.

We know that an effective production must not only be impressive and original, but also intelligently planned for the many practical challenges that arise. Our diversified team of experts can assist every step of the way, from equipment rentals, design and systems programming, to venue consultations, transportation logistics, and stage technicians. We will collaborate with you to create a cutting edge, fully integrated production that performs successfully, consistently and efficiently on each show day. Whether you’re planning a dozen dates or a hundred, Beama Visual Environments can help make sure your next show is unforgettable.

Beama Visuals Absen DV Series 2.97MM LED Panels @ Jann Arden performs “Good Mother” | Juno Awards 2021



We believe the most successful productions pair innovative visual presentation with the kind of functionality and seamless integration that allow your message to take centre stage. From design and pre-visualization, to project management and programming, our team is here to help make your event a success

Avatar Innovationsholds their first webcast at Beama Visuals LED Volume Studio
Avatar Innovations holds their launch webcast at BEAMA Visuals LED Wall Film Studio


Never has there been a higher demand for innovative visual presentation and inspired stage design, and Beama’s design experts can help bring your production to the next level. Beama’s designs have been captivating audiences across North America for over a decade. We know how to create an unforgettable visual experience, providing dynamic and powerful platforms for your visual content. We also know that intelligent design must not only be original and creative, but also provide sound structural engineering, meet safety regulations, as well as resolve the specific logistical challenges of the event. From conceptualization to load-out, our team will partner with you every step of the way to create a design that engages your audience to your unique requirements. Contact us today to find out how we can help make your next event extraordinary.

Beama Visual Environments Sponsors MPI Bright Talks
Beama Visual Environments Sponsors MPI Bright Talks With a 3d architecture led wall


Planning a complex, multi-media production can be daunting, but BEAMA Visuals offers a number of tools and services to help visualise your project ahead of time. Using specialized software and our media servers, we are able to model productions in 3D space, allowing you a powerful tool for brainstorming, pitching designs to clients, and the opportunity to test and fine-tune elements of the show before investing in fabrication or equipment rentals. We also supply professional pixel maps and set-up diagrams to pre-plan content, and have warehouse space to build and test designs and systems integration in advance, ensuring your final production runs smoothly and successfully. BEAMA can help you find the best solutions to meet your design and messaging goals, and with pre-visualization, you will know exactly what to expect on show day.



Looking for a fresh way to outshine the competition? Whether you require a complete bespoke exhibit design and installation, dynamic interactive technologies to connect with your audience, or simply bright, high-definition equipment to showcase your content, BEAMA Visuals can help you find the best platform to get your messaging across.


Information and brand messaging to your customer dynamically and effectively. We have equipment suitable for almost any scale of display, from boardroom to large venue, and our team can assist with content in a variety of formats, including textual, infographics, animation, touchscreen technologies and live video feeds. Make the most of your content with BEAMA’s digital display solutions.


Projection mapping can transform almost any surface you can imagine into a canvas for video magic. Using specialized software and bright, high-definition projectors, our technicians are able to wrap video content onto 3D surfaces, opening a world of new possibilities for video projection. Whether you’re looking for creative advertising solutions, innovative corporate and tradeshow exhibits, or eye-catching stage and production design, projection mapping can take your project to the next level.

We stock a range of projectors to cover any scale of project, large and small, and our team of specialized designers and animators can create high-quality custom installations and content to make your project truly stand apart. BEAMA Visuals has been involved in some of the most ground-breaking projection mapping projects in North America, including the Pagoda and 360 mapped Fractal Forest stages at Shambhala Music Festival, and Excision’s Executioner tours. We’ve mapped buildings, vehicles, forests and number of custom-designed installations, and our projection experts can help you capture your audience’s imagination with this dazzling technology.

Bass Coast 2019 – Slay Bay Projection Mapping


No video project is complete without high quality content, and BEAMA’s expert team of animators and videographers can help make your visuals shine. From motion graphics, logo transformations and advertising, to audio-driven visuals and 3D animations for projection-mapped surfaces, we’ll work with you to create striking content that will wow your audience. We’ll also ensure that all of your video is optimized for your preferred platform. Whether LCD, LED or projection, we make sure that your content looks its best with the right resolution, color grading and codecs to ensure smooth playback. Let BEAMA Visuals help you get the most out of your visual platforms with premium custom content and exceptional technical support.



Enhance your audience’s experience at your next live music event with a dynamic visual performance. Our VJs have years of practical experience crafting striking, audio-driven visuals with timing and precision. We bring a keen eye for design, substantial technical know-how, and dedicated professionalism to every show. We have worked alongside some of EDM’s biggest producers and have performed at venues ranging from intimate local shows, to theatrical performances, to some of the largest festivals in the world. We have an extensive library of fresh content to suit almost any ambience, and the ability to create custom video uniquely suited to your event/design. Whether looking for added visual impact in a club environment, consistent branding and style on tour, or a fully integrated, time-coded production, BEAMA Visuals has you covered.

Excision 2018 Paradox Tour
Beama Visuals @ Beakerhead’s BeakerNight 2013. Animations by Noah Freeman.
Beama Visuals @ Beakerhead’s BeakerNight 2013. Animations by Noah Freeman.


BEAMA Visuals has been involved with dozens of festivals over the years, and the most important thing we’ve learned is that no two festivals are alike. Each present a host of unique opportunities and challenges, from creating environments that transport the audience and transform the space, to sourcing large venue equipment that can stand up to environmental rigours like inclement weather, to finding the right people to install and co-ordinate the show so that it runs flawlessly. BEAMA Visuals has worked on festivals ranging in scale from attendance in the hundreds to the tens of thousands, indoor, outdoor, one-off, multi-day and multi-city. We have the experience to navigate the complexities of festival production, and the flexibility to craft a specialized solution to suit your event’s unique requirements. Let us work with you to create an elevated visual experience that inspires and engages your audience; one that stays with them long after the gates close.

Excision Executioner Tour 2013
Lost Lands 2017
Fozzy Fest 2016 - Project Mapped Sales by Beama visuals
Fozzy Fest 2016 – Project Mapped Sales by BEAMA Visuals


Artists and production designers alike are increasingly turning to new video technologies to meet their scenic needs, and its easy to see why. Digital video solutions are versatile and economical, offering possibilities like instantaneous scene changes, stunning video special effects, interactivity, and seamless integration with other show technologies, difficult if not impossible to achieve with traditional processes. BEAMA Visuals has the equipment and the expertise to help bring your project to vibrant life. Whether planning a theatrical tour, a one-off production, or a permanent installation, BEAMA can provide you with the ultimate visual platform to let your artistic vision shine.



Sometimes the best way to enhance a cutting-edge production is with good old-fashioned scenic craftsmanship. From sculpting to painting to carpentry, BEAMA Visuals employs experienced scenic artists whose attention to detail and commitment to excellence can help bring your vision into stunning reality. We know that effective scenic solutions must balance creative visual presentation with smart consideration of practical needs like transportation, venue restrictions, and ease of installation/strike. Our diversified expertise ensures that each scenic element we produce is not only of the highest quality, but also fully functional, safe, and constructed with economy of material and time. No matter the scale of project or application, BEAMA can help you find the right scenic solution to make it memorable.