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4K Virtual Film Studio



BEAMA Visuals 4K LED Film Studio is a boutique facility, with innovative technology, and expert staff. It is exactly what you need for your next production. A day rental includes shooting with our full 4K extended reality set powered by Absen LED Panels. With access to dressing rooms, green rooms, and the rest of our unique studio building you will have all the tool to take your story telling to the next level.

With our incredible high resolution LED Display, your production can take place anywhere in the universe, spring, summer, past, or future, with complete realism. We have terabytes of content for any situation, and if we don’t already have it, our creative department will make it.

Location change is a click away!

All shots were captured in camera with no post production compositing.
Beama Visuals Video Tour
Sherwood 2022 Sales Presentation at BEAMA Visuals LED Film Studio
Sunset Shoot forever
Magic Hour never has to end in the Beama Studio
Vek Labs - Music Video + Promosional Shoot - BEAMA VIsuals LED Volume Studio
Vek Labs – Music Video + Promotional Shoot – BEAMA Visuals LED Film Studio
Jon Cornish is a former Canadian football running back giving a work out routine at BEAMA Visuals Studio


Vek Labs - Music Video + Product Shoot - BEAMA VIsuals LED Volume Studio

Studio Applications

  • Film Sets
  • Television Sets
  • News Room
  • Talk Shows
  • Product Launches
  • Fashion Shows
  • Car Scenes
  • Game Shows
  • Webcasting
  • Music Videos
  • Commercials
  • Podcasts
  • Virtual Theatre
  • Photography
  • Green Screen Replacement
  • Extended Reality
  • Virtual Production
  • Unreal Engine
Need more time to capture magic hour? It’s easy with the right content.
Vegas PMP
We have access to driving plates from all over the world.

BEAMA Visual Environment’s LED Film Studio is more than just an alternative to the green screen. It replaces classic film sets and can make outdoor filming seamless. The led Film Studio will help actors to merge in quickly to an immersive shooting environment. What you see is what you get, save production time and costs, offer directors, photographers and actors more creativity and artistic freedom. Get life like reflections and control time. magic hour can be 8 hours long if you want it to be.

Studio Features

• 4K Virtual Environment
• 55’W x 16‘H
• 5,376 x 1512 Pixels
• 8,128,512 Total Pixels
• Media Server
• 2 14’Hx7’W Virtual Environment Extension
• Playback Speakers
• 90” Mobile Reference Monitor
• Craft Services Area
• 5000 SQ Foot Facility
• 10’ Loading Bay Door
• 100A 3 Phase Camlock Connection
• 110V and 208V Distribution
• Black Box Studio Space
• 90” Reference Display+ Teleprompter
• Stage Risers
• 2 Washrooms
• Lobby
• Kitchen
• Green Room
• Control Room
• 1.5 Gbs LAN Internet
• Free WIFI
• 3 VIP Parking Stalls
• Free Street Parking
• Virtual Environment Engineer/Venue Liason
• Audio Packages on Request
• Lighting Packages on Request
• Rigging Packages on Request
• Content Creation on Request
• Décor Packages on Request
• Additional Virtual Set Extensions on Request

Avatar Energy - Launch Webcast Panel Discussion Example - BEAMA Visuals LED Volume Studio


Beama Visual Environment Studio Showcase – Produced by: Vek Labs
2022 Sherwood Sales Conference – BTS – Produced by: Maven Media Group
AB Milk Commercial – Smash Milk – Produced by: PARK Productions
Directed by: Glean Productions Produced by: Glean Productions
Dancers: Farzam Bahrambic and Hamim Benbrik
Directed by: Glean Productions Produced by: Glean Productions
Directed by: Glean Productions Produced by: Glean Productions
Official Live Performance video for “Heavy” from the brand new self-titled album by Nuela Charles.
Produced by Nuela Charles & Deluxe Design Group
Beama Visuals Video Tour
Directed By: Douk Cook Produced By: Beama Visuals
Produced by Nuela Charles & Deluxe Design Group

On Location

If our studio is booked on the dates that you require, don’t worry we still have you covered. Beama visuals can accommodate up to 4 virtual environments simultaneously. We can come to you and cater to your production needs. Whether you are a large feature or an indie, we have solutions for all different scales of films. Don’t settle on a green screen when you can have life like reflections and realism captured straight through the lens.

LED Wall Clients and Partners at BEAMA Visuals LED Volume Studio